Book Summary:The Adweek Copywriting Handbook Summary


The Adweek Copywriting Handbook Summarize to be read in 5 minutes

Learn how to write powerful advertising copy and marketing messages from one of America’s top copywriters

  1. Experiences creates ideas, keep gaining new experience to become a great writer

  2. Nothing is really new in life, it’s just taken a new form through different combination of ideas and knowledge

  3. The more knowledge and ideas you have the better you can figure out a solution

  4. Become an expert enough on your product to communicate specific knowledge

  5. Know your customer’s likes and dislikes

  6. Sometimes prospects will take time to realize their needs, like insurance and burglar alarm

  7. Scare tactics usually don’t work and it’s insulting

  8. Don’t worry about first draft

  9. Use headline to grab attention and subheadline to explain headline

  10. Use Photo and illustration to explain product and caption to explain photo

  11. Make your 1st sentence so easy and simple to read

  12. The reader will easily get suck into each short sentence effortlessly

  13. Set the right buying environment according to the product

  14. Start getting the prospect to say yes and agree to things that you know they would, this would get them to relax and be in harmony with you

  15. Plant curiosity with these phrases, “ but there’s more”, “so read on”, “let me explain”, “here comes the good part”

  16. Once you get the reader curious, they cannot stop

  17. Every word had an emotion attached

  18. Every AD is an expression of emotions with words

  19. You sell with emotion and justify with logic

  20. Sell a concept not a product

  21. Pricing affect product concept

  22. Reader will read a 3k word article if it interests him

  23. Expensive items require longer copy

  24. Make sales letters personal, use “I”, “you” and “me” in emails

  25. Use a copy sequence. Create interest & excitement > Drama > Why different > How To Play > Unique features > Justify purchase > Lasting play value > Service > Ask for order

  26. Start editing your copy into fewer words but maintain the same feel

  27. Fewer words make the AD less imposing

  28. Choose the right typeface

  29. Keep your first sentence short and easy to read

  30. Anticipate and resolve objections

  31. Avoid clichés !!!

    annoying cliches
    ..Annoying cliches
  32. Varied your sentence length to create a rhythm

  33. Provide all physical facts like weight, height etc.

  34. Provide a long enough trial any product prospect cannot touch

  35. Use price comparison for a less expensive product

  36. Make prospect imagine there already own the product

  37. Honesty and integrity is paramount

  38. Establish an authority for yourself in anyway you can. You can be the most hardworking, the most creative, the fastest etc..

  39. Use Fad to generate publicity

  40. Use fear to sell preventive products

  41. People love to collect things, they want another watch, another car, another painting

  42. Use curiosity to sell products, don’t show or tell too much

  43. Use urgency to sell as people are afraid of losing out

    ..Urgency Sells
  44. Keep email personal, short and valuable


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