Book Summary: The Copywriter’s Handbook Summary

The Copywriter’s Handbook Summary – This is a book for everyone who writes or approves copy: copywriters, account executives, creative directors, freelance writers, advertising managers

The Copywriter’s Handbook summary 

  1. Get attention, communicate and persuade
  2. “FREE” is the most powerful word for copywriritng
  3. 4 out of 5 will read the headline and skip the content
  4. Use customers own words for testimonials
  5. Find out who is your customer
  6. Find out what are the important features of your product
  7. Convey important features into benefits
  8. Use powerful words like how to, why, sale, easy, fast, bargain, last chance, guarantee, results, proven, save
  9. Write dramatic, bold and clear headlines
  10. Write headlines which communicate urgency, uniqueness, ultra- specific and useful
  11. Write short sentences for easy reading
  12. Use simple words for easy understanding
  13. Only use technical jargons if 95% of your audience understands it
  14. Be straight to the point, start selling from the first word, first sentence
  15. Write the way you talk, friendly and conversational
  16. Underline and highlight important selling points
  17. Use “but”, “and”, “for” for easy sentence and thought transition
  18. Get attention with headline, show a need, offer a solution, call for action
  19. Reach prospects on 3 levels… intellectual, emotional and personal
  20. How do they feel about their problems and products?
  21. What are their beliefs towards the problem?
  22. What are their wants desire and goals?
  23. People buy to be liked, appreciated, feel important, make money, save money, save time, make work easier, feel safe, feel attractive, feel sexy, feel comfortable, to gain knowledge, out of fear, greed and guilt.
  24. The more expensive the product the more copy you need to sell it
  25. Busy people prefer shorter copy
  26. Tell prospects why they need the product and why they need it now
  27. Find out customers main concerns( price, delivery, performance, reliability, service, maintenance, quality, service, efficiency and address them with guarantees)
  28. Your headline must promise a reward
  29. Use visual to support headlines
  30. The first paragraph further explains the headline
  31. Subsequent paragraphs draws readers to keep reading down the copy
  32. Your solution must be believable, provide prove, statistics and testimonials.

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