Book Summary: The Subtle art of Not Giving a Fuck Summary

The Subtle art of Not Giving a Fuck Summary

Stop giving a fuck what people think.
Stop giving a fuck what the world think.
Stop giving a fuck is the key to happiness…

  1. Self help and positive woo woo are fixating on what we lack

  2. Today’s culture today is focused on unrealistic positive expectations

  3. The world tells us to be happier, richer, smarter, faster, sexier, perfect

  4. Everyone is telling us that to be happy, we need to have a nicer house, a faster car, a prettier girlfriend

  5. Advertisement tell us that the way to happiness is to buy more, own more, fuck more, be more !

  6. Affirmation reinforce lack, everyday you tell yourself that you are beautiful because you’re not beautiful enough

  7. A confident man doesn’t need to prove that he is confident and a rich women doesn’t need to prove she is rich

  8. The world wants us to give a fuck about everything because it’s good for business

  9. Feedback loop from hell drives us insane. We get angry for being angry. We get sad for being sad. We get anxious for feeling anxious..

  10. Dating advice make you feel unlovable

  11. Visualization reinforce lack

  12. Modern Culture is the culprit for depression

  13. The desire for more positive experience is an negative experience

  14. Acceptance of negative experience is a positive experience

  15. The backward law…The more we pursue to feel better, the less satisfied we are

  16. The more beautiful we wanna feel, the ugly we see ourselves

  17. Albert camus said you will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life

  18. Pursuing negative gets you positive experience, the pain in gyms, the failures in business

  19. Being open with insecurities makes you more confident

  20. Avoidance of struggle is struggle

  21. Avoidance of suffering is suffering

  22. Be comfortable being different

  23. Don’t give a fuck about difficulty, pain…adversity. embarrassment

  24. Give a fuck about something more important than the adversity

  25. If you have no problem, the mind will invent some

  26. So find some meaningful problem before the mind invent some.

  27. We are born to care about everything, our clothes, looks, girls, boys, cars..

  28. Understand that its ok that things sometimes suck, if not we’ll be blaming ourselves

  29. People think happiness need to achieved, worked for, earned..

  30. Suffering inspire change…

  31. Problem are there to make us improve

  32. Happiness comes from solving problems, therefore happiness is an action

  33. Happiness is solving the problems you enjoy solving

  34. Negative emotions are signal for change, signal for actions

  35. Everything comes with a sacrifice

  36. Positive emotions are the results of the right actions

  37. The person you marry is the one you fight with,

  38. The house you buy is the house you repair

  39. The job you get is the job you stress over

  40. Whatever makes you feel good also makes you feel bad

  41. Positive experiences define our negative experiences

  42. What pain are you willing to endure?

  43. Are you willing to struggle?

  44. Happiness requires struggles

  45. Muscular body requires hours in gym

  46. Shitload of money requires risk and hardwork

  47. You can’t win if you don’t play

  48. The path to happiness is paved with shits and pain

  49. Find out our Underlying value, question yourself honestly why are you angry at something? Why do you want something?

  50. Metric that we use to measure the value

  51. Measure how you measure success/failures

  52. Pleasure is the most superficial form of satisfaction

  53. Pleasure is not the cause of happiness it’s the effect

  54. Measuring success base on material wealth is shallow

  55. Always being right is preventing us from learning

  56. Staying positive all the time is denying our problems

  57. Pain in the long run will bring happiness

  58. Pain will turn to gold in the long run

  59. Beware of short term highs

  60. Good Values are reality based, socially constructive, immediate, controllable

  61. Honesty is controllable, reflects reality

  62. Popularity is uncontrollable

  63. Good values = honesty, innovation, vulnerability, standing up, self respect, curiosity, charity, humility and creativity

  64. Bad values = manipulation, violence, feeling good all the time. Always being in the center of attention all the time, not being alone,

  65. Bad values are reliant on externally events..Being told you’re right all the time,Eating a tiramisu while getting blown by three strippers

  66. Take responsibilities for everything that happen to us

  67. Shit that happen may not be our fault, It’s our responsibility to handle the shit well

  68. Society is practicing blaming through moral high ground, outrage porn is the rage now

  69. Media find something mildly offensive to elicit outrage and broadcast it

  70. People get high from feeling offended, victimized, self righteous, morally superior

  71. Certainty is the enemy of growth

  72. You’ll never know until you try

  73. We are a meaning machine, we always try to find meaning

  74. We use associations to understand our life

  75. People avoid things that threaten their identity, we need to kill our identity and grow

  76. Learn to sustain the pain

  77. Set boundaries in relationship

  78. Stop taking responsibilities for others

  79. Stop blaming others

  80. Acts of love are not obligation

  81. Open to being wrong is the only way to grow

  82. Learn to trust yourself less because the human brain is always biased. Question your own belief because our mind is unreliable

  83. Life is about not knowing and doing it anyway

  84. Taking action is the secret of motivation, just do something and you’ll know what to do next

  85. Trust is the most important ingredient in a relationship

  86. Commitment gives you freedom, keeps you focus, keeps you away from distraction

  87. Think about your death and your legacy. What the fuck do you wanna leave behind ? I Bet is not a steaming pile of nothing right

This book is about prioritizing what fucks to give on which fucks 🙂

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is Good Shit !

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