Book Summary: Growth Hacker Marketing Summary

Growth hackers have thrown out the old playbook and replaced it with tools that are testable, trackable, and scalable. 

Growth Hacking is the new marketing

  1. Old marketing cost a bomb and is unrefined
  2. Growth hacking is about measuring ROIs
  3. Measuring marketing efforts and tweaking it
  4. Startups with no budget succeeds with it
  5. Authors are using it to publish books
  6. Make stuff people want
  7. Market stuff what people want
  8. For example, Airbnb, Instagram

Get Product Market Fit(PMF)

  1. Launch minimal viable product and improve based on feedback
  2. Isolating customers and find their needs
  3. Measuring number of response from readers
  4. Measuring number of comments
  5. How many facebook share?
  6. Improve the product based on feedback
  7. Use tools from Google, optimizely & KISSMETRICS
  8. Question every assumption
  9. Who is the product for?
  10. Why would they use it?
  11. Why would I use it?
  12. Ask your customers questions!!
  13. Why are they using the product?
  14. Why are they not referring to their friends?
  15. What’s missing in the product?
  16. What’s great about the product
  17. Ask the right people, not your friends or random people
  18. Use SurveyMonkey, Wufoo, Google Docs

Keep testing product

  1. Know where to market you launch, eg. Digg, Slashdot and Reddit
  2. Launch with a demo video
  3. Don’t target everyone & everywhere, FOCUS !
  4. Target and attract early adopters
  5. Blog about popular topics to get traffic and promote your product
  6. Upload a post to Quora, Hacker News, Reddit
  7. Do whatever it takes to get some initial users
  8. Create hundreds fake profiles to make your product look popular
  9. Host cool event for launching
  10. Bring in influential advisers and investors, celebrities
  11. The goal is to get a set of users to sign up
  12. Focus on customer acquisition over branding

Virality is Science

  1. It needs to be worth sharing
  2. People need incentive or reward to share
  3. Pay users to spread the word
  4. Design products that advertise themselves
  5. Integrate products with big platforms
  6. Dropbox offer customers 150MB free if they linked it to facebook
  7. Advertise through product, eg. “sent by iphone”, “sent by mailbox”
  8. Referrals program is cheaper and more effective than advertising

Happy users are marketing tools

  1. Keep improving your product and service
  2. Offer incentive to customer for feedback
  3. Retention trumps acquisition
  4. Maximize ROI
  5. A bird in one hand is worth two in the bush
  6. Launch new product with famous bloggers, anyone with big audience
  7. Launch product with Bit Torrent
  8. Insert email signature AD, referrals program,
  9. facebook integration, craiglist infiltration

Reduce the cost of being wrong

  1. Have the freedom to experiment
  2. Reach people in an effective, scalable, data driven way
  3. Growth marketing It is a mindset

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