Book Summary: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results Summary

Mini Habits summary – Lasting Change For Early Quitters, Burnouts, The Unmotivated, And Everyone Else Too

Mini Habits Summary

About the Author Stephen Guise

  • Stephen Guise is an international bestselling author, blogger, and entrepreneur. His books have been translated into 17 languages. 
  • As an author, Guise is known for delivering highly actionable, world-class behavior change strategies in a humorous wrapper.
  • He’s slightly below average at writing compelling biographies, but he means well. 
  • Stephen lives near Disney World in Orlando, FL with a “pet lizard” that waited outside for hours to dart into his apartment the moment the door opened.
  • He can’t find it anywhere. If it eats unwelcome insects, it may stay in the guest room.

1. This strategy is for building good habits not breaking bad habits that are formed over many years

2. Many people over estimate their ability to achieve their big goals

2. Doing a little bit everyday is better than nothing

3. Doing a little everyday is better than doing a lot in a single day

4. Every great accomplishment starts with one small step

5. Increase your mini habits requirement carefully, not too much before it becomes a habit

6. Be the person with an embarrassing goal but gets impressive result

“Exercising 20 minutes a day is enough to change your physique”

8. Waking up 1 hour earlier per day to read would have result in 365 more hours to read in a year

9. It takes more than 30 days to form a habit, on average it takes 66 days

10. Missing a day won’t derail your habit just don’t it affects you mentally

11. Repetition build habit

“Emotions will either serve or master
depending on who is in charge”
–  Jim Rohn

12. Motivation is unreliable because it depends on how you feel and your mood

13. Willpower works better than motivation

14. Willpower muscle can be strengthened

15. Making decisions drains willpower

16. It’s what we do consistently daily that shapes our live

17. 5 things that affects willpower:

  • Effort
  • Perceived difficulty
  • Negativity
  • Subjective fatigue
  • Blood glucose level

18. Mini habits require very little effort

19. Starting small will let your mind see that is not that difficult

20. There’s no negative feeling with doing such small task

21. Nobody is too tired to do one small task

22. The first small step start things in motion

23. Choose your cues to execute your mini habit

24. Sometimes you don’t even need specific cue

25. Reward yourself with laughter and sweets

26. Celebrating win makes us feel very good

“Gift yourself a little sugar and laughter
everytime you completed a mini habit”

28. Rewards restore willpower

29. Rewards encourage repeat behavior

30. Write down your successes as it amplify the impact

31. Check off your successes to feel awesome !

32. Use Lift App to track and remind your mini habits

33. Make sure your don exhaust your will power while strengthening it

34. Do task that need low will power repetitively will strengthen will power

35. Start small and grow big gradually

36. Focus on consistency not quantity

37. Signs that your task had become a habit:

  • No resistance
  • You identify with the habit
  • Mindless action
  • You don’t worry about it
  • You don’t feel excited doing it
  • It’s boring

38. Expect little result and do more

39. Realize the power of starting

“Be happy with all progress”

41. Reward yourself often after your mini habit

42. Stay cool and calm don’t get over excited

43. If you feel resistance go smaller

44. Remind yourself that it’s so easy

45. No step is too small

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