Becoming Michelle Obama: Book Summary, Review & Quotes

Becoming Michelle Obama Review:

  • Cool & romantic little stories of her love and lawyer life
  • Intimate stories about her childhood and friends
  • Cute & funny stories about her parents
  • Inspiring and motivational
  • Some find it an ego boost and a self promotional piece
  • Some find it politically bias

Becoming Michelle Obama Author Summary:

Becoming Michelle Obama: Summary & Facts

1. Michelle grew up in a middle class racially mixed neighborhood

2. She loves playing piano and performs in recitals when she was young

3. Her brother Craig loves playing basketball

4. Her father didn’t like rich people who are uppity

5. Her mom worked as a bank assistant

6. She is a half decent French student

7. Craig went to Princeton University. Her counselor wasn’t sure if she is cut out for Princeton like her brother

8. Michelle worked at an assembly line job to earn money to support her college cost

9. She was in love with fun guy name David but they had to breakup because of location issues

10. Princeton was full of white guys and the black students stuck together

11. Cathy, her white roommate’s Mom was not happy that they were living in the same dorm

12. Obama spent 4 years of his childhood flying kites and catching crickets in Indonesia

13. Obama was not a happy hour guy

14. One night Obama suggested ice cream and then he asked Michelle …” Can I kiss you ?”

15. Obama is like a unicorn to Michell, it felt unreal for her

16. He never talks about material stuff like house, money and shoes

17. He spent most of his money on books

18. Michelle’s father appreciated Barack instantly, but still didn’t like his odds with her.

19. Michelle was always impress by how confident and secure Obama is

20. Everyone in Obama’s family still call him Barry

21. She hated being a lawyer and she took a job that’s half the salary of her lawyer job

22. Malia asked Obama..“Daddy, are you gonna try to be president?” she’d asked. “Don’t you think maybe you should be vice president or something first?”

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