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Becoming Supernatural Summary Joe Dispenza

Becoming Supernatural…How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon

Becoming Supernatural Reviews

“From a gifted scientist and passionate teacher, this unique and practical guide

shows us—step by step—how to move beyond the limits of the known and into an
extraordinary new life.”
— Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Unshakeable

“I have long been a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. In Becoming Supernatural,

you will learn exactly how you can transcend the limitations of your past—

including health challenges—and, quite literally, create a new body, a new mind, and a new life.

This information is thrilling, life changing, and incredibly practical.”
— Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of
Goddesses Never Age

Chapter 1: Opening the Door to the Supernatural

Each of us has myriad possible incarnations that exist in the eternal present

moment, all waiting to be discovered. When the mystery of the self is unveiled,

we can wake up to the understanding that we are not linear beings living a linear

life but instead dimensional beings living dimensional lives. The beauty behind

the infinite probabilities that await us is that the only way we can change those

futures is to change ourselves in the present infinite moment.

Chapter 2: The Present Moment

If you want to experience the supernatural in your own life—by healing your

body, creating new opportunities you could never have imagined before, and

having transcendent, mystical experiences—you first need to master the concept

of the present moment: the eternal now.

When we are in survival mode, we automatically become materialists,

defining reality with our senses: by what we can see, hear, smell, feel, and taste.

We also narrow our focus and put all our attention on matter—on our bodies

existing in a particular space and time. The hormones of stress cause us to give

all our attention to our outer world because that’s where the danger lurks.

Chapter 3: Tuning In to New Potentials in the Quantum

Getting beyond our body, our environment, and time isn’t easy—but it’s worth

it because once we disconnect from three-dimensional reality, we enter a whole

other reality called the quantum, the realm of infinite possibility

Chapter 4: Blessing of the Energy Centers.

In the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation, when you learn how to rest

your attention in each of these centers and become aware of the space around

them, you create coherence in each of these little brains in the same manner

as you create coherence in the big brain between your ears.

Chapter 5: Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind

corresponding to that center.
So let’s say you think a thought, such as My boss is unfair.

how thinking that thought turns on a neurological network in your brain. Then

you have another thought, I’m underpaid, and you turn on a second neurological

network. Then you think, I’m overworked, and now you’re off to the races.

Because mind is the brain in action, if you keep thinking more thoughts along

the same lines and you activate enough networks of neurons firing in tandem

Chapter 6: Case Studies: Living Examples of Truth

Ginny was driving on the highway in Las Vegas when

her car was hit from behind. Even though she slammed on the brakes, the impact

catapulted her car into the car in front of her, resulting in a double impact.

Chapter 7: Heart Intelligence

Since our human ancestors first began etching their histories upon cave walls

and stone tablets, like a thread through the needle of time, the heart has appeared

as a symbol to represent health, wisdom, intuition, guidance, and higher

intelligence. The ancient Egyptians, who referred to the heart as ieb, believed the

heart, rather than the brain, was the center of life and the source of human wisdom

Chapter 8: Mind Movies/Kaleidoscope

If the person doesn’t analyze the information they are being exposed to, they

are likely to accept, believe, and/or surrender to it because there is no analytical

filter. It makes logical sense, then, that the more suggestible you are, the less
analytical you are. The opposite is also true: The more analytical you are, the

less suggestible you are to information; therefore, it is less likely that your brain

will be in an alpha brain-wave or trance state

Chapter 9: Walking Meditation

In many ways, the standing and walking meditations are just like the seated

ones. You begin by standing still, closing your eyes, and resting your attention in

your heart, all the while slowing down your breath and breathing in and out of this center.

When you feel heart centered, just as you do in your seated

meditations, you begin cultivating elevated emotions that connect you to your future.

Chapter 10: Case Studies: Making It Real

“I don’t know where it came from,” he told me. “But it was like someone had

turned on a spigot. I shot straight up. The energy came in through the top of my

head and then moved out through my hands. My palms were face down, yet

without conscious control, the energy caused them to lift and turn over. I lost

track of time and space and had no idea where I was, but for the rest of the

meditation I was in an ecstatic, exalted state.

Chapter 11: Space-Time and Time-Space

While the ice cube, cell phone, and apple pie all have height, width, and
depth, they only exist to you because you can see, hear, taste, smell, and

feel them. If you lost your five senses or they were simultaneously eliminated,

you would be incapable of experiencing these physical objects because you would

have no awareness of them; they would literally not exist to you because in this

three-dimensional reality you can’t experience them without your senses—or can you?

Chapter 12: The Pineal Gland

As you connect to deeper levels of the unified field, the brain is activated by a

greater energy that carries specific information in the form of thoughts and

imagery. The brain then literally tracks and records this profound inner event,

and to the person having the experience, whatever is happening in their mind seems more real than any past external event.

In that moment, the increased
energy in the form of a profoundly powerful emotion captures all the mind’s

attention. This is the instant the brain and body receive a biological upgrade

Chapter 13: Project Coherence: Making a Better World

We are living in a time of extremes, and these extremes are both a reflection

of an old consciousness that can no longer survive and a future consciousness in

which planet Earth herself, and all of us on Earth, are transforming. This old

consciousness is driven by survival emotions like hatred, violence, prejudice,

anger, fear, suffering, competition, and pain—emotions that serve to seduce us

into believing we are separate from one another. The illusion of separation taxes

and divides individuals, communities, societies, countries, and Mother Nature herself.

The mindlessness, carelessness, greed, and disrespect of human activity is threatening life as we know it.

By pure logic and reason, this type of
consciousness cannot sustain itself for much longer

Chapter 14: Case Studies: It Could Happen to You

“I know all the x-ray technicians and yet when they told me I no longer had a mass,

I didn’t believe them. I called in the radiologists and the doctors. They just

kept saying, ‘Jerry, we’re looking at your film right now. We’re telling you,
there’s nothing there.

I’m calling the guys in Boston to tell them there will be no surgery.’”

Being Peace

What I hope you take away from this book is that it’s not enough to change

your state of being only when you meditate. It’s not sufficient to just think and

feel peace with your eyes closed, and then open them and carry on throughout

the day in limited, unconscious states of mind and body.

In many of the peace gathering projects and studies mentioned in Chapter 13, when the experiments

concluded, very often the reduced violence and crime returned to their former

baseline levels. This means that we actually have to demonstrate peace, which

requires us to get our bodies involved, and that means we have to move from thinking to doing.

Every time we change our state of being and begin our day by opening our

hearts to the elevated states that connect us to a love for life, a joy for existence,

the inspiration to be alive, a state of gratitude that our future has already

happened, and a level of kindness toward others, we must carry, maintain, and

demonstrate that energy and state of being throughout the day

—whether we are sitting, standing, walking, or lying down

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