Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself Summary

Read the summary of Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza in 10 minutes

1. Go beyond knowing to knowing how

2. Make changing as a choice not reaction

3. Change your belief to change your life

4. We are connected to everything in the quantum field

5. Our thoughts, prayers, intentions affect the past, present and future

6. Create a new outcome with a new state of mind

7. To be get what you want you must believe and act 100% according to that believe

8. Let go of the how and believe it will come

9. Give gratitude to things that have not happen but you want to happen

10. We get back what we sent out

11. Going beyond space and time

  • To change, be greater than your environment, body and time
  • Our memories make up our internal environment
  • Greatness is holding fast to a dream like Gandhi did
  • Change your mind, change your life

12. You think how you feel, you feel what you think

  • Have joyous thoughts and you’ll feel good
  • Avoid negative thoughts and emotion

13. Many Years of suffering and repeated cycle of pity and pain chemicals in the body…

  • Had conditioned the body to think negatively
  • Your body will try to resist when you try to break you bad habit thinking
  • Help is only a thought away
  • Conscious positive thinking cannot overcome subconscious negative thinking by itself

14. Emotions are end products of past life experience

15. We can signal our genes to rewrite our future by living a healthier lifestyle

16. Mentally rehearsed the future you want

17. Think that the world is a happy place and you will be happy

18. Experience creates emotions, turns into a mood, then into temperament then finally into our personality

19. We can’t change if we live in a predictable future

20. Stop living in past emotions live in the new one you created

21. Thought alone can trigger stress:

  • We’re always living in stress because are afraid of our future
  • Your daily thinking can make you sick or make you well
  • Imagine you’re living the life you want everyday
  • Imagine you’re behaving like the person you want to be everyday

22. Change entails new ways if thinking, doing and being

23. Life experiences define our reality

24. We have to be happy before abundance shows up

25. Pleasure doesn’t bring us happiness because we’ll always want more

26. Bet true to yourself about what you were and change

27. All material things come from the immaterial world, you just need to take time to cultivate them

28. Ask yourself this questions at the end of the day:

  • How did I do today?
  • When did I fall from grace, why?
  • When did I go “unconscious”?

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