Book Summary: Behind the Manipulation, The Art of Advertising Copywriting Summary

Behind the Manipulation: The Art of Advertising Copywriting [Book Summary]
A 5 minutes summary of Behind the Manipulation: The Art of Advertising Copywriting.

Learn the manipulation and secrets behind the advertising world. Master writing brand advertising for all media with all tips and examples provided by this book summary

  1. Brand advertising is all about people


  2. You need to find your target market

  3. You need to make it clear what can you do for customers

  4. Brands give love, brand is a perception business

  5. Branding is making people feel instead of think

  6. World War 1 is and example of great branding

    world war one posters

  7. The demand for war against the Germans was created with propaganda advertising

  8. Visual is a powerful manipulator

  9. Sell benefit through visual

  10. Sell using USP, if there’s no USP choose 1 good benefit as a USP

  11. Make sure the USP can move millions

  12. Position yourself against market’s dominant product

  13. Sell using emotions – family, love, fun, surprise, shock

    Sell Using Emotions
  14. White noise, music and movements help with writer’s block

  15. Surprise them with fun, stunning, unique, novel visuals

  16. Be healthy to be creative, don’t use drugs to be creative

  17. Customer see visual first then they read the headline

  18. 80 percent of readers don’t read the body copy of an AD

  19. Cite facts, statistics, secret ingredients, history

  20. Make a strong claim and back it up with proof

  21. State a feature and boast how it will benefit them

  22. Use the 3 paragraph copy technique- repeat the headline, show proof, reinforce headline with slight variation

  23. Use Jingles in Radio Ads, there are very powerful

  24. TV is about telling a story with images

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