The Latte Factor Summary

The Latte Factor Summary – demystifies the secrets to achieving financial freedom, realize that it’s never too late to reach for your dreams.

Chapter 1 The Oculus

If you don’t know where you’re going,

you might not like where you end up.

Chapter 2 The Photograph

Money won’t make you happy.

How many times had Zoey heard that growing up?

Chapter 3 You’re Richer Than You Think

Where you stand, and what you see from there, is the key to putting together the right picture.

That’s what creates the perspective you want. You know what I mean?

If you can afford that latte, you

can afford this photograph. And then this:

Perhaps you’re richer than you think.

Chapter 4 Pay Yourself First

“What ‘pay yourself first’ means is that the first person

who gets paid is you—and you keep that money.

In other words: you pay yourself the

first hour of each day’s income.”

Chapter 5 Doubts

Most people, when they earn more, simply spend more.

Everyone thinks they know about it, but hardly anyone does it.

Pay yourself first.

Some say it’s the most powerful force in the universe.

Ten dollars a day can change your life.

Keep your first hour’s worth of each day’s pay.

Chapter 6 Don’t Budget—Make It Automatic

“Let’s say you put $100,000 into an investment that pays an annual return of 10 percent;

in thirty years it will have grown to about $661,000. But if you put that same

hundred grand into a tax-deferred account over the same amount of time, it would

come to more than $1.7 million. Nearly triple, in other words.”

Chapter 7 Big Hat, No Cattle

money is the biggest reason marriages fail—

but it’s not money itself,

and not even the lack of money.

It’s the lack of talking about it

and working it out together.

Chapter 8 Myths of Money

“Most people think they have an income problem.

They don’t. They have a spending problem.

“When you grow your income bigger,” Barbara continued, “you just take

whatever money problems you have and make those bigger, too.

Because your money problems come from your money habits, and

those don’t change just because your income goes up.

The solution to your money problems isn’t more money;

it’s new habits.

You don’t need a huge chunk of money to build wealth.

Did Henry show you his charts—

five dollars a day, ten dollars a day, and so forth?”

“Your wealth is exactly like your health. Your health doesn’t just happen; it’s not

something that takes care of itself as you go through life. You can’t leave your health

in someone else’s hands, and the same goes for your wealth. They’re both completely

in your hands. No one else’s.”

Chapter 9 The Latte Factor

 “The latte factor isn’t about being a penny-pincher or denying yourself. It’s about

getting clear on what matters. It’s about the little daily extravagances and frivolities,

whatever they may be—the five, ten, twenty dollars a day that you could just as easily

redirect toward your own future. From spending on yourself to paying yourself first.

It’s about giving up something small to get up to something big.

“The point isn’t that you can’t spend money. Of course you can, and you should.

Life is to enjoy. You can buy yourself whatever things you truly want. A nice outfit, a

dinner out, a show in town. As long as you ‘pay yourself first.’”

Chapter 10 The Third Secret

“So here’s the question. Are the actions you’re taking and choices you’re making

every day bringing you more of these?

Is the way you spend your money lining up

with what matters to you?”

“The first two secrets—pay yourself first, make it automatic—those are the how.

This is the why. Figure out what matters, and follow that.

“Live rich now. Not in some far-off future. Today.”

CHAPTER 11 The Millionaire Down the Hall

“If I say the word ‘millionaire,’ what do you see?”

“Someone who looks rich and spends gobs ofmoney on luxuries,” said Zoey.

Barbara huffed a short laugh.

“Of course you do.

That’s what most people think.

In fact, typically it’s just the opposite.

By and large, the wealthy spend their money on

things that truly matter to them—

no more, no less.

It’s the unwealthy who spend money on frivolous things.”

Chapter 12 Mom

Why had she not spent more time with her parents, these last nine or ten years?

“You’ll probably want to revise it, add to it.”

He was right.





Chapter 13 Freedom Tower

You know how to make your dreams come true?

You buy them . . . a dollar at a time.

Chapter 14 Mykonos


1 : Pay Yourself First.

2: Don’t Budget—Make It Automatic.

3: Live Rich Now.

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