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The Threat Andrew McCabe Book Summary

The Threat – How The FBI protects America in The Age of Terror & Trump Book Summarize

About the Author

  • Andrew G. McCabe served as deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from February 2016 to January 2018.
  • He began his career at the FBI in 1996,
  • He led the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division
  • He was the first director of the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group, which developed new methods for lawfully and effectively questioning suspected terrorists.
  • He lives in Virginia with his wife Jill, their two children and a dog.

The FBI has always been the nemesis of criminals.

Today, the FBI is under attack by the president of the United States.

Up for Grabs

A Conversation With The President—And What It Meant

Then he said, Your only problem is that one mistake you made. That thing with your wife. That one mistake.

I understood that he was referring to the fact that my wife ran for office.

The Threat

The FBI must perform a balancing act. To keep the American people safe, the FBI must be independent of the White House

Since the start of the Trump administration, that relationship has been in profound jeopardy.

The president has stepped over bright ethical and moral lines wherever he has encountered them.

His unpredictable, often draconian behavior is dangerous—

A threat to both the Bureau and the nation.

Answering the Call

Training days and the first big case..

Becoming an agent would mean that I’d make a lot less money than I could have made if I had taken a different path.

But my wife, Jill—we had just gottenmarried—supported my ambitions and never counted the cost

On the Box

I rehearsed how I would quit my job—how I’d tell my boss

I’d say, and I’ve decided to leave this law practice and to join the FBI.

That’s what I did say, and my boss tried to talk me out of it. As had my parents.

Hogan’s Alley

The lawyer asks, Why did you shoot at this point? And the trainee says, I thought I was going to die.

The lawyer says, What did you see that led you to believe that your life or the lives of others were in danger?

A decision that you can’t articulate is probably a wrong decision.

‘I’m Being Racketeered’

To be a made man in the Italian Mafia means being accepted into a family, in a bona fide induction ceremony

The path to becoming a made man in Russia is different.

The vor must have been to prison, done hard time, and declared himself a thief for life.

People who live like that will, as a consequence, keep going back to prison.

The more times the vor goes in and out of prison, the higher his status, which is written on his skin.

The Wire

For a few hundred dollars, you could get a Medicaid card and have total access to health care.

There was no operating cost for the scam. It was pure profit.

Olympic Dreams

Tokhtakhounov was indicted and arrested by Italian police on charges of conspiracy to rig the figure skating competition

A Russian oligarch had pledged two hundred million dollars to get Tokhtakhounov out of jail.

In 2013, Tokhtakhounov was indicted for money laundering in connection with an illegal gambling ring that operated out of Trump Tower.

Several months after this indictment,  okhtakhounov was a VIP guest at Donald Trump’s Miss Universe contest in Moscow.)

Enterprise Theory

Enterprise theory allows investigators to structure their understanding of crimes that once seemed too vast to understand

Organized criminal groups—with multiple members organized in hierarchies, supported by transportation and communications infrastructure—had no trouble staying one step ahead of the law.

The RICO Revolution

For the first time, the leaders of an organization could be held responsible for the crimes they had ordered others to commit.

My squad mates and I once overheard a Russian crew talking insistently about making sure “the boots were in the car.”

We couldn’t understand why they were so focused on footwear.

—they were talking about guns.

Protecting Informants

Near the end of May 2018, the president falsely accused the FBI of having put a “spy” in his campaign and called for an investigation.

The president’s allies began demanding that the so-called spy’s identity be unmasked.

The Shift

Solving Crimes And Preventing Terrorist Attacks

Most of us on the SWAT team were criminal guys. Agents who do criminal work have traditionally seen themselves as the only true agents.

‘I Am Sikh’

September 11 was the day that made everything look different from how it had looked before.

A man he had been interviewing had broken down in tears

After 9/11 people called him horrible names and gossiped about bad things he was supposed to have done, things that he did not do. Called him a terrorist.

Then he looked at the agent and said, I am Sikh. I’m not even Muslim.

Rocks in Our Pockets

They were yelling, “Allahu Akbar!” and talking about jihad.

the threat book summary

We put the young men under surveillance. They were Muslim. Half of them were in the country illegally.

They liked to get together and watch Osama bin

Laden videos, or videos of American soldiers being attacked—when they saw a Marine being blown up, they thought it was funny.

They were planning to attack a military base and had their eyes on Fort Dix. We shut that down.


Asking The Right Questions, And Asking The Right Way

Interviews raise all kinds of questions about technique. What should you show someone during an interview,

if you want to confront them?

You ask the suspect if he’s done something, he denies it, and you have a document, like a transcript of an intercept, in which he admits having done it.

Do you want to place that document in front of him or not?

That can be a very powerful thing to do in an interview.

But it can also compromise the case, because the suspect then knows what surveillance you have.

Developing Rapport

FBI interrogators know how to read the subject. They know how to respond to the subject’s reactions to questions.

“This guy looks hungry: I think I can warm him up a little bit if I give him a cup of coffee and let him smoke a cigarette. “

President’s Daily Brief

The PDB, or Putin?

The current administration comes to everything—not just the FBI, but everything— with a mentality of, You’re with us or you’re against us

The FBI and Justice need to have the political independence to be honest brokers in all situations.

Obama probably came closest to that ideal. The current administration is the furthest away—it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Benghazi To Boston

Reliving The Horror, Again And Again

After Boston, much misinformation circulated about our investigation.

Congress devoted a great deal of energy to questioning how and when the FBI shared information with state and local partners—

In the process displaying unrealistic expectations of how seamlessly information can ever be shared, and how equally all information can ever be weighed.

Real Americans

When you reach the point where your own group sees itself as representing the true believers, the only good people or the only “real Americans,”

Then everyone else by definition must be seen as wrong, bad, fake. The president of the United States is actively pushing the citizens of this country in that direction.

He exhorts his supporters to think of themselves as true Americans, and to consider anyone who disagrees with them as being treasonous, like criminals—people who should be in jail, as he has explicitly urged.

The president tells one group of citizens: You are the good ones. No one else is equal to you.

All the others are not as significant, not as important.

Whose The Threat ?

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