Book Summary: Drive the surprising truth about what motivates us summary

Drive the surprising truth about what motivates us summary


What we think motivates us, mainly MONEY is wrong.


Companies have failed at motivating employees by
using incentive plans and pay
people to perform well


Let Daniel show you the right way…


1. Humans seek novelty & challenges

2. Money and punishment doesn’t motivate enough as we thought

3. Introducing the third drive > the job itself is the reward !

4. Look at Wikipedia and Mozilla fox, there’s no monetary reward involve

5. Creative fun motivates people

6. Flow keeps people going because it keeps you in the zone

7. Autonomy, mastery & purpose are great motivations

8. Setting money goals create bad effects

9. People get unethical, take shortcuts.. when there’s money involve

10. The anticipation of rewards is like anticipating drugs

11. Monetary reward narrows focus, diminish performance & block creativity.

13. Money encourage cheating & short term thinking

14. Involve people in goal setting because people are motivated to achieve the goals they set themselves

15. Use non-controlling language like “Think about it” or “Consider..” .. Instead of “You should” or “You must”

16. Pay people well and fair so that they can focus on their job

17. Set wide performance metrics to measure accurately

18. Learn like children

19. Cultivate a growth mindset

20. Listen for fixed mindset voice and change to growth mindset

21. Interpret challenges as opportunities

22. Use language of growth = I think I can learn with time and effort

23. Start groups and forums to reach more audience

24. Self-management is the way.

25. Blaming others demotivates even though sometimes it really it’s other’s fault

How To Improve Mastery:

  • Perform deliberate practice
  • Keep repeating until you get good
  • Constantly seek feedback to know what you’re doing wrong
  • Focus ruthlessly on improving your weakness
  • Prepare yourself because the process is mentally and physically exhausting

“Create your own motivational poster because motivation is deeply personal, only you know what words and image vibe with you”

Conclusion, it all boils down to having the freedom to do what you want, having a reason to take action and become a jedi doing so.

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