Book Summary: Losing it Behaviors and mindset that ruin careers Summary

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Losing It! Behaviors and Mindsets that Ruin Careers

How Not to Ruin Your Career

  1. Always expand your responsibilities and job scope
    Book Summary Losing it- Behaviors and mindset that ruin careers

  2. Show off with actions, never words
    Book Summary Losing it- Behaviors and mindset that ruin careers 2

  3. Cultivate indispensability

  4. Fake Enthusiasm

  5. Reinvent yourself if your current self sucks

  6. Integrity is what keep business running

  7. Don’t fuckin lie

  8. Being overweight signals lack of discipline
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  9. Some people are promoted because people wants to get rid of them

  10. Some leaders just have no balls to fire somebody

  11. Consult with smart people if you need help, no brainer, right?

  12. Tell your friends to be honest with you

  13. Leave the ass kissers behind

  14. Always surround you with the best people

  15. There are tendencies to attribute great result to a star

  16. As your self ..Is your current success sustainable?

  17. Are all glory fleeting? If yes then?
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  18. The best people want everyone around them to succeed too.

  19. Understand your every detail of your business

  20. Accomplish an impossible assignment to get more self confidence

  21. Using clichés and buzzwords and jargon signifies lower intelligence

  22. Don’t bore people

  23. Cultivate candor
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Losing it- Behaviors and mindset that ruin careers lets on a ride into the world of the corporate world and how to thrive in it.

This book is full of gold, it prevents you from making a fool out of yourself in your workplace.

Sometimes this author can be a bit dramatic, so bear with it.

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