Book Summary: Me, Myself and Why Summary

Me, Myself and Why Summary

1. Nurture vs Nature..Its never a single factor, its a combination of both that affects a person’s development

2. Humans have roughly 23,000 genes, the simplest worm have 18,000 genes, fruitflies have 5,000 genes

3. Decode your genome at $1000 at 23andMe, a Genome Social Networking lets you find out your DNA origin

6. There’s no such things as gay gene, warrior gene or alcoholism gene..



“It is not which genes you have,

but how those genes interact with

each other during development that

makes you different from another

individual of the same species, or

from a salmon or a cabbage.”


8. The Shape of skull could tell a person’s personality. It’s called cranioscopy

9. People perceive attractive shy people as arrogant

10. Shy children have higher stress level

11. Shy genes can be inherited

12. People confused shyness with introversion

13. Impulsiveness is also inherited

14. People who chose instant over delayed gratification produced higher dopamine

15. Alcoholics have immature thinking

16. Gay are born that way, mostly.

17. Some penguins are gay

18. 450 different species are gays

19. Flamingos, bison, warthogs, guppies, dolphins engage in gay activities

20. Peyote and LSD cure alcohol addiction

21. Psychedelics is not a feel good drug

22. Psychedelics make you think

23. Psychedelics reboot your brain from a bad programing loop

24. LSD is a trip over the fence

25. Consciousness appears to link to sleep-wake cycles

26. Human memory is highly inaccurate

27. The brain will try to make sense of everything

28. Eyewitness is deemed useless after the first interview

29. We choose to tell stories that make us look good

30. Human beings are fallible and prone to self-delusion

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