Book Summary: The 15 Invaluable Law of Growth Summary

  15-laws-of-growth summary
People assume they grow as they age..but they don’t
Everybody needs to plan their growth intentionally !
Here’s the meat of the book guys…..enjoy

Have A Growth Plan

  1. You need to have clarity
  2. You decide what you want to learn
  3. You need to plan your growth

There is no right time

  1. People don’t act as quickly as they should
  2. The longer you wait to do something, most likely you won’t do it
  3. You need to do it even though you are not ready

Don’t Be Afraid of making mistakes

  1. You need to fail forward
  2. A mistake is simply another way of doing things
  3. Be intentional on growing
  4. Expect to make mistakes
  5. Mistakes are signs that you are moving in the right direction

Don’t Find the best way before you start

  1. You need start making mistakes to find the best way
  2. You need to start doing before you get to see the big picture
  3. Everytime you progress, the bigger picture is slowly revealed

The Secret of Motivation

  1. Is just start doing the things you want
  2. Once you start doing motivation will come
  3. Motivation is a by-product like happiness and love
  4. Act yourself into feeling
  5. Start something and stick with it for 12 months and you’ll love it

How to be lucky

  1. Be prepared
  2. Have the right attitude
  3. Have the right action

Ask the right questions

  1. Where do you want to go in life?
  2. What direction do you want to go?
  3. How far you want to go?

The Secret to Success

  1. Do it now !!!
  2. Say DO IT NOW !!! 50 times before you go to bed and get out of bed
  3. LATER is the dream killer

Overexpose Yourself to Your Fears

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. Fear of being overextended financially
  3. Fear of what others will say or think
  4. Fear than success will alienate peers

You need to go out of your way to grow !!

9 Questions to find your purpose

  1. Do you like what you’re doing now?
  2. What would you like to do?
  3. Can you do what you would like to do?
  4. What talent, skills, opportunities do you possess that support your desire?
  5. Know the difference between what you want and what you’re good at?
  6. What drives you and what motivated you?
  7. Do your values and priorities align with your employer’s
  8. Know why you want what you want?
  9. Know what to do so you can do what you want?

Know Where you want to be

  1. Be aware of the choices you make today and tomorrow
  2. Write out the steps that is going to get you to where you want
  3. Keep changing the steps as you go along
  4. Keep tracking your every move

Know people who can help you

  1. Pay people for their time
  2. Meet people who can teach you every month
  3. Read their books
  4. Spend 2 hours preparing for every interaction
  5. Thank them

Pay The Price to Reach The Top

  1. Fight your laziness
  2. We are our own worst enemy
  3. Things worth doing seldom come easy
  4. You owe it to yourself to make your days here count

You think you are not ready to start doing what you like

  1. If you wait till you are ready, you may never do it
  2. You only get ready by starting
  3. It will be very difficult, but it will be the best feeling ever

The Power of Positive Self Esteem

  1. Low self-esteem puts a ceiling on our potential
  2. People never outperform their self-image
  3. Always think highly of yourself
  4. Be positive to yourself
  5. Never criticize yourself
  6. Always tell yourself you can do it
  7. Be Your Own Cheerleader
  8. Everytime you make a mistake, tell yourself it’s the price for growth
  9. Stop comparing yourself with others
  10. Compare yourself with your old selves
  11. Be encouraged by your progress
  12. Find your limiting belief and write an empowering statement to change that
  13. Feel valuable by adding value to others life
  14. Make a list of your best personal qualities

Take Time to reflect

  1. Pause and take a break
  2. Look back on your experience see what you can learn from it
  3. Find a quiet place where you can think
  4. Reflect and ask the right questions

Questions for Reflecting

  1. biggest asset?
  2. biggest liability?
  3. Highest high?
  4. Lowest low?
  5. Best habbit?
  6. Worst habbit?
  7. Most useful emotions
  8. Useless emotions?

Questions for Relationship Growth

  1. Do I value people?
  2. Do people know I value them?
  3. How do I show it?
  4. What evidence I have to confirm my opinion
  5. How can I help people more?
  6. Is there someone I should forgive?
  7. Who should I thank?
  8. Who should I invest time more on?

Be consistent to conquer your destiny

  1. Match motivation to your personality type
  2. Start small and simple
  3. Attempting to much will lead to disappointment
  4. Taking small steps every day
  5. Scraping of the mountain spoon by spoon
  6. Set small daily goals
  7. Annual goals are reach by completing daily goals
  8. The compounding effect of daily achievements will shine
  9. Change your daily habits
  10. Consistently complete small daily goals
  11. Don’t wait for inspiration

The Why Test

  1. Do you procrastinate to do stuff?
  2. Do you need coaxing to do your job?
  3. Do you do your duty just to get by?
  4. Do you perform duties to get by?
  5. Do you constantly talk negatively about your work?
  6. Do you start small project and abandon them?

“Compile a list of whys to help you stay motivated”

Change your environment to grow

  1. People grow according to their environment
  2. Flock with people who are better than you
  3. Walk with the wise and become wise
  4. We are the average of the 5 people we hang around most
  5. Find an accountability partner

How to Learn from People questions

  1. What are their strength?
  2. What are they learning?
  3. What do you need right now?
  4. Who have they met?
  5. What have they read?

Why focus on the Moment

  1. The happiest moment is now, not the past
  2. Don’t worry about the future you can’t control
  3. Focus on the now that you can control

How to Overcome Criticism

  1. Do what others believe you cannot do
  2. Do what you believe you cannot do
  3. Most people underestimate themselves
  4. They will always be people telling you that you are wrong

Design your life

  1. Life is not a rehearsal, there’s no warming up!
  2. Design your career
  3. Always allocate more time than expected for plans
  4. Know that things don’t always come as planned
  5. Approach things strategically
  6. Create systems for doing things

How to create an effective system

  1. Take into account of big picture, the end goal
  2. Prioritize
  3. Organize your time
  4. Measure and track your time and result
  5. Measurement is the key to improvement
  6. The secret of success is the right daily routine

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