Book Summary: Love-Based Copywriting Method, The Philosophy

Book Summary_Love-Based Copywriting Method

Love Based Copywriting Method summarized in 5 minutes

Learn how to write copy that attracts, sells and inspires with the tips below…

  1. Direct response copywriting works because it triggers emotions and response

  2. There are 2 category of emotions, love and fear

  3. Love based emotions are love, hope, gratitude, joy, connection, peace and respect

  4. Fear based emotions are fear, anger, grief, shame, guilt, blame, worry and anxiety

  5. Make people take actions by triggering their emotions

  6. Push psychological hot buttons to make people buy

  7. Triggers examples are, love, sex, security for ownself and family, being part of a community, meaning in life, community

  8. People are turn off by fear based selling, it damages your brand

  9. Fear based selling may make more sales but have higher refund rate as well

  10. Don’t worry about logo when starting out, focus on good direct response pieces like opt in page to get leads

  11. Sell 90 % benefits 10% features

  12. Know your target market, your niche, your ideal customer, know their specific problem

  13. Find your ideal customer by their values, motivation and core beliefs

  14. Find out what’s going in their head

  15. Your message needs to be really specific solving a specific problem for specific individuals

  16. Don’t try to sell to everyone because people want a specialist

  17. Start your sales with reminding and talking about prospect’s pain and problem

  18. People always wants to move away from pain

  19. People want a solution for their pain

  20. Balance 30% of pain and 70% of pleasure in your sales copy

  21. People love transformation, hope, pleasure and results

  22. Use urgency to help prospect decide

  23. Remind prospect the cost of not solving their pain

  24. Describe the transformation they will receive

  25. Emphasize how so much better their life is going to be

  26. People love hearing about hopes and dreams coming true

  27. Don’t exaggerate results and pain, it’ll turn people off

  28. State that the product is not for everyone, it will pique their interest

  29. Sell with love and abundance

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