Book Summary: Love-Based Copywriting System Summary

Book Summary_Love-Based Copywriting System

Love-Based Copywriting System summarized. Learn how to write advertising copy with love from Michele PW in 5 minutes.

Don’t scare, terrorize, shame, frighten your prospects into buying.. show them some love 🙂

  1. Define your ideal client, their age, income, demographic, age, gender, pain, favorite food, hobby, what he appreciates about you and her you.

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  2. Find out his worries, describe it using his actual words.

  3. Send out survey, encourage customer feedback


  4. Imagine living her life, pretend to be her and experience and realize her pain and suffering

  5. Pain is part of life but suffering doesn’t have to be

  6. Pain is a problem they are facing

  7. Suffering is shame, guilt, worry, anxiety, etc created by the pain

  8. Using pain to sell is good but using suffering is not because it’s manipulative and prospect can feel it, feel how sucky it is

  9. Prepare your love based mindset with gratitude, meditation, journaling, affirmations, rituals and grounding yourself

  10. Creating an outline help you kickstart and avoid writer’s block

  11. Use Preheadline to attract your ideal client and subhead to explain headline

  12. Start practicing writing headlines by writing 100 of them, longer are better than short ones but not too long

  13. Make headline stronger by adding a timeframe. Eg. “Lose 5 pounds in 5 days”

  14. Dissuade buyers’ doubt by adding the word “guarantee” in headline

  15. Turn your headline into a story. Eg. “How an 80 year Old Overweight Man finally Cure His diabetes”

  16. Answer Client’s objection in your headline

  17. Write a “how to” headline > “How To Heal Your Back Pain in 5 Minutes”

  18. Write “if/then” headline

  19. Use subhead to answer objection, repeat promise and transformation

  20. Don’t exaggerate in headlines, because people will trust you less

  21. Start your copy with 3-5 bullet points that describe what problem your client is facing


  22. Don’t make prospect feel bad in your copy just describe their pain objectively

  23. Use words that prospect use

  24. Explain their problem in the copy then explain why you are the best qualified person to provide the solution

  25. In your story about yourself, showcase your credibility and vulnerability and share your “Big Why”

  26. Your story should have a Introduction, conflict, climax and resolution

  27. When your are writing your solution, describe your benefits in detail and be very specific

  28. Your benefit must move prospect towards pleasure and away from pain

  29. Don’t say too much, be a bit vague to make prospect curious

  30. Amplify their pain and resolve it immediately

  31. Next, package your solution with an overview of transformation, what product includes, bonuses, justifying cost, guarantee and call to action

  32. Include testimonials from past customers

  33. Buying is an emotion based experience

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    Check out The Copywriter’s Handbook for more copywriting  tips.

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