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The goal of this book is to take much of the research on positivity and make it
simple, fun, and actionable so anybody, even a child, can benefit from feeding
the positive dog.

Matt and Bubba

“The dog who wins is the one you feed the most,” Bubba exclaimed. “You
have to feed the positive dog inside you and starve the negative dog.

The Benefits of Being Positive

“Is it hard to feed the positive dog?” he asked.
“It’s a lot easier and simpler than you think,” Bubba said.

Simple as a Smile

“Too often we wait for something in life to make us smile. We wait until we feel positive and a smile happens. But you don’t have to wait to feel positive enough for a smile to happen. You can generate a positive feeling by smiling.

Feed with Laughter

“Studies show that laughter improves your mood, reduces stress, boosts your immune system, relaxes your muscles, and adds joy to your life

Take a Thank-You Walk

While you are walking you just think of all the things that you are thankful for. You think of all the positive things about your life.”

Build Your Gratitude Muscle

To build your gratitude muscle, what I want you to do today is to identify all the things, even small things, you are grateful for. Even when a negative thought or complaint comes into your mind I want you to replace it with gratitude.

A Day of Gratitude

Feeding the positive dog really does make a difference, and
gratitude is the ultimate food for those who want to be more positive.

Tell Yourself Positive Stories

“How you see the world defines your world.

So if you want to live a positive life you must feed the positive dog with positive perspectives

Get to instead of Have to

“One of my favorite ways to change the story you tell yourself is to say get to
instead of have to,” said Bubba.

You get to go to a job while so many are unemployed.

Blessed instead of Stressed

Anytime you are feeling stressed you can turn it around by feeling blessed. When you count your blessings you’ll reduce your stressings.”

Turn Complaints into Solutions

“Well, instead of mindlessly complaining and venting to yourself and others,
you can think of solutions to your complaints.

Fear or Faith

“The most important decision we can make is to choose faith instead of fear. All of our negativity is rooted in fear

if neither the positive or negative future has happened yet, why not choose to believe in the positive future?

Why not believe that great things are coming your way

Challenges or Opportunities

We can choose to see adversity as just a challenge or as an
opportunity that helps us learn, improve, and grow.”

The Positive Dog Grows

Doing something you enjoy and being in the present moment are big positivity

Positive Energy is Contagious

“The simple fact is that each day you have a choice. You can be a germ and
infect people with your negative energy, or you can be a big dose of vitamin C
and infuse them with your positive energy.

Positive Boomerang

When we laugh we cause others to laugh and they experience the same psychological and physical benefits of laughter as we do. And their laughter makes us laugh even more, so positivity grows in us.”

Feeding Others

A kind word, a kind message, a kind act, and a helping paw can make all the difference, and the feeling you get from sharing kindness actually benefits you the most.


When you share love, it comes back to you. Maybe one dog or person won’t return it to you, but if you keep sharing your love with the world it will have such a positive
impact on your life that it will come back to you tenfold


Show people you love them by encouraging them.

The world needs you to speak into the hearts of others and say, I believe in you.

If you have the desire then you also have the power to make it happen. Keep working hard.

No Ordinary Day

Dreams do come true !

Negativity Serves a Purpose

If you didn’t have negative experiences, you would never be able to appreciate the positive ones.

The Positive Pledge

When I am surrounded by pessimism, I will choose optimism.
When I feel fear, I will choose faith.
When I want to hate, I will choose love.

I believe my best days are ahead of me, not behind me.

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